Friday September 13th 2013

First day of the rest of your life. Ever hear that before? In 2009, at the age of 59, I swore by 60, I would be in the best shape of my life. I was trying to swim 3 times a week, I thought I could do it, but then some health issues put me in a horizontal position or a few months and I quickly became a couch potato.
On September 2nd 2013, Diana Nyad, at 64 years of age swam from Cuba to Florida. At 63 I can’t even walk up the 8 stair steps to go to the bathroom without getting winded, which I would like to blame on a leaky heart valve, but first I have to be able to get up off the couch, which is a problem and takes a bit of coaxing with the help of the coffee table.
This brings us to today, it is 9:30 am and at 12:00 noon I will begin working with a local personal trainer. I have been thinking about this for about a year now. Watching some of the weight loss shows on tv got me to thinking, I don’t need to lose 100+ pounds (I have already lost about 50) I just need to get in shape. I should note here that I am 5’11” and 183 pounds. I was going to take pictures of my baggy skin, but had second thoughts. I should also take some measurements but will see how my first day with J. goes.
So it is now 1:30, upon meeting with J. We talked about his visit with my heart doctors’s nurse. I have no restrictions so I guess that means I can’t whine. Started on the elliptical for 5 minute – very weak in the knees, then onto the ab machine, not bad. Next was weight room. Tried a couple sets of free weights and then the stair stepper then back to the weights and finished with a leg curl machine.
Signed up with J. on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.
Day one done!


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